Just who are you serving?

Have you ever had someone that you work for that it appeared and was demonstrated that the only thing that matter was production and their agenda? Always looking for more ways to get work out of you,  never pleased with the outcomes or progress? If I were to guess, if fact I believe it is safe to assume, you do not

like being treated this way, nor do you respect the person treating you this way.  I would also  imagine if you are reading this, you report to someone, probably have someone reporting to you, and at some point need the services of someone else to help you succeed.  If all of this is true, I would also guess that you would not want this to be a characteristic or testimony of your leadership, and relationship style . In fact, it would be horrible if you did want it to be, so the question then is, “How do we break the cycle”? Here are just a few things I have been working on practicing, this is not the end all of ideas, but just a few that have been helpful to me. In future posts we will explore some more!

  • Take the time to understand what you are requesting
  • Take the time to understand what they perceive to be challenges and roadblocks
  • Take the time to listen to their ideas and solutions
  • Take the time to hear everything out before you jump in and offer your advice, or so called expertise.
    • Some questions I have found effective to help in these areas!
      • How can I help you with this project?
      • What resources do you need?
      • Do you have any reservations or concerns about the project?
      • Are there any decisions that I need to make that are holding you up?
      • Do you have cooperation with other departments, do you need me to help with the coordination?
      • Would you like to add any ideas or creative solutions?
    • Some Statements that most everyone appreciates hearing before, during and after projects!
      • I trust you and appreciate your leadership.
      • I support you in this process.
      • You have my full support.
      • You are making a difference in our organization.
      • You are important to the team
      • God is really being honored by your service!
      • Thank you!


As stated above, there could be so much more said or not said about this topic but I wanted to share some thoughts that have been on my mind of late! Everyday you and I have the opportunity to serve people, and if you look at my tag line on my Blog header it states… Serving those who Serve… I have the privilege of serving ministry leaders everyday, and department leaders everyday. I never want to fall into a pattern of just being concerned about the project or task completion that I lose, frustrate, discourage or make mad those whom I am called to serve. If am I consumed with serving them, the outcome will be they will serve the Lord and organization all the more as they know they are being served and cared for.


What other questions or statements might you add to the list above!

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