Encouraging your team! Learning to express thankfulness…

You want to see someone excited about their work and have a smile while working – keep them encouraged! I know we could talk about having a clear plan, priorities, position and pay… but I want to focus on simply being a leader who encourages.
“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”William Arthur Ward
As a leader, manager, supervisor or anyone who works with people being thankful for them is one thing, expressing it is another! Take time to encourage those you serve with. Everyday I have to work on this personally… I am very grateful for the people I have the privilege to serve with! In fact I serve alongside some of the smartest, most creative and highly productive people you will ever meet but sometimes I get lost in the actionable steps and forget the most important actionable steps are to say “Thank-you” or what I appreciate about the team member.

Everyday we are given the opportunity to say “thank you”, “I appreciate you”, “great job” you’re awesome”, share something you really appreciate about the team member, or acknowledge a specific accomplishment or goal reached by the team member privately or in public.  There could be many reasons why we do not but that is another post for another time… so the bottom line – JUST DO IT! Take the time, make it a priority, put others first and encourage your team! 
Here are some practical ways you can do this.
  • Keep a list of your team close by with names and departments they serve in for easy reference.
  • Pray and ask for wisdom on who might need the encouragement.
  • Ask your managers and supervisors to keep you posted concerning accomplishments of team members.
  • Keep thank you notes on your desk or some where near you. 
  • Schedule time on your calendar to write thank you notes – lets be honest everyone still loves getting a hand-written note! 
  • Say Thank you as much as you can in private and in public – ask someone who is close to you to hold you accountable ask them to listen for the words thank you. 
  • When possible celebrate success of the team in public! Give them the credit and make a big deal about it! 
  • Walk the halls of your building with the purpose of just saying – “thank you” or the value they bring to the team. 
  • Do not delay in saying thank you – a thank you delayed will probably be a thank you never expressed. 
  • Express as much as possible why the team member is so important to the team and what strengths they bring.
Don’t leave your words of encouragement whether written or said as the present still in the closet waiting for Christmas… Make your thankfulness or appreciation known right away.
What other practical ways do you encourage your team?

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