I hear voices…

Okay, so I probably got your attention with the title… but in all seriousness in leadership and in life there are so many voices coming at you!


No, seriously I have numerous people throughout the day wanting to share their ideas, opinions or criticisms… ┬áNow please if you serve with me understand I love to hear from you! If we network together I love our partnership and I love to hear from you! So who am I talking to…. No one in particular but some thoughts on dealing with the voices we hear or if we have a voice and like to share it.


So you like your voice:)

  • Did you pray about what your getting ready to share? Seriously – when I pray about my words it is amazing how many times I don’t say anything or change it up.
  • Do I need to say anything? Sometime the best thing to do is just be silent.
  • Is this about me? Am I focused on my agenda or about God’s Glory and how I can serve and build up the person I am speaking with.


You did the above and now you want to speak up…

  • Realize that the person you are getting ready to speak with has probably already heard to their full already – so be sensitive to their time.
  • Realize they are hearing numerous voices and probably numerous times about the subject you are surfacing – so come with facts and solutions, not opinion and problems.
  • Don’t expect immediate reaction or decision – some leaders or people are quick to make decisions others want to pray, process and provide feedback before rendering a decision.

If you hear voices here are a few things I do my best to practice…

  • I always try and remember their are probably two sides of the story or multiple factors to consider.
  • I don’t listen to just one voice but I have a multiple people I trust and work through when deliberating and preparing for a decision.
  • Seek the Lord and ask for wisdom – James 1 tells us to ask for wisdom.
  • When you know what the decision is – do not delay in communicating it… Delay only frustrates.
  • Do not delay hoping it will go away… It won’t so either say you need more time and set an end time or render a decision.
  • Guard against the continual negative voices – I have those in my circles who are brutally honest with me and help deliver reality, but if you are surrounded by continual negative voices… You are in trouble.
  • Guard against the continual positive voice – everything is always perfect, you could be in trouble and they are not delivering reality.
  • Use your voice to Glorify God not you!


If you are one who has the ear of someone, use your voice carefully – get out of balance and you could loose that ear. If you are one who hears the voices – be sure to listen carefully and when you use your voice in return use it for God’s Glory and the joy of others.

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