Yes it is Monday, Yes I love it and today sets the pace!

Monday… for many it is a dreaded day! Especially if you dislike what you do, but you are the only one who can change that. I am writing to the one who enjoys their job but does not enjoy or gets overwhelmed with Mondays. Experience tells me Monday needs to be your day of setting up for success.  I use Monday’s to set the pace for the rest of the week. I have a few written/understood rules about my schedule that I and my assistant keep. Mondays are for setting up the week and Friday is follow-up of the week. With my role I am in meetings continually throughout the week but you can almost guarantee it will take an act of congress (that is getting Abbi to make an exception) to book an appointment/meeting Mondays and Fridays. I made this decision about a year ago and it has changed my productivity tremendously. I remembered Michael Hyatt talking about his ideal work week – while mine does not look like his it did make me think about mine.


Here is what it looks like for me:

Monday  – Preparing for the week(s) ahead
  • Writing Meeting Agendas – if you have ever been in a meeting with me you know I believe in agendas it keeps us all focused on the goal.
  • Preparing for meetings – taking the time to make sure I understand the topics that will be discussed.
  • Working on Projects – I use Mondays to work on long-term projects
  • Vision Planning –  I find vision and strategic planning on Monday makes my week seem brighter and I get really excited about the future… making the rest of the week bright!
Tuesday – Thursday  – Meetings from 9-3 are the allotted time for scheduling and I use the bumper times in the morning and late afternoon to follow up from meetings and action steps. As I have talked about I use Nozbe to track my tasks. If I have particular projects or reports due I will have my assistant schedule time on this section of the week to be assured I have the time to get it done.
Friday – Follow up from the Week
  • Follow up on Assigned Projects/Tasks
  • Follow up on meeting notes and check in with direct reports for accountability.
  • Work on Projects – continue to work on long-term projects
  • Dreaded(Routine) Tasks – we all have them, I use Friday as my routine task list day… get the things off my plate so I can enjoy my weekend without thinking about the routine tasks I do not enjoy all weekend.
I know each person has a way they like to work, this just happens to work really well for me. If you have a hard time controlling your schedule or getting things done create a system that works for you. Be sure to stay with it for a period of time! Trying a system for a week or two is not enough time to know it works.
What are some of the things you have done to be successful in accomplish your work yet keeping a full calendar.

2 thoughts on “Yes it is Monday, Yes I love it and today sets the pace!”

  1. Great thoughts my friend….
    Covers lots of ground, stewardship of time, efficiency, productivity and strategic planning.
    Practical stuff we all can implement in our own world……..

    Thanks for sharing!

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