Fox and Friends to feature camps!

Okay by now you have seen me post on social media or someone else post concerning the opportunity for Word of Life to participate with the Christian Camping and Conference Association on a segment for Fox News Channel’s show Fox and Friends Morning Show. The segment is all about the Power of Camp in the lives of a child, teenager and families. As you can imagine we are excited to be a part of this and I want to personally think Gregg and Penny Hunter of CCCA for their hard work on this.

We will be on throughout the show, but slots are planned for 7:30am and 8:30am – check your local provider for station locations.
I have no idea what to expect tomorrow – but this I do expect, God will use this someway for his Glory! I believe in camp! I believe in the Power of God to change lives and that is why we do camp! Yes, Word of Life does much more… like serving local churches with our Local Church Ministries Team, our Bible Institute for college students and International Ministries serving in 70+ locations around the world,  but this post is about our Youth and Family Camps. 
If you have never seen the smiles on a child or families while participating in camp or the joy of seeing someone trying something new for the first time at camp or more importantly someone understanding the great news of Jesus Christ for the first time at camp – then you are missing out! It is powerful!
I love camp because you see the walls of fear, loneliness, wanting to be accepted, doubt, confusion and insecurities being torn down through the activities offered, a counselor, or staff member building a friendship and powerful meeting settings where the Word of God is shared!
  • Yes – camp is fun
  • Yes –  there are great activities
  • Yes –  counselors are awesome
  • Yes  – Meetings are high energy and the music is incredible
  • Yes – We still believe in camp for the whole family
  • Yes – I am excited about tomorrows show and nervous all at the same time
  • Yes  – I have no idea what to expect
but the biggest YES of celebration to me…
Camp is an incredible tool that God uses to open the hearts and minds of children, teens and families to the great news of Jesus! 
I look forward to sharing tomorrow with you this cool journey!

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