One Servant’s Example

A few weeks ago I was able to participate in an event (Northeast Church Leadership Conference) where the vision and planning was by two men and in particular one man who many of you know – Paul Bubar. Paul is 82 years old and I consider to be one of my hero’s and a man who has more energy then most 20 years old… He rallied staff, volunteers, Pastor’s and just about anyone he came into contact with to help with the event. However something really stood out to me as I reflect on that time in Albany, NY.
All of the work that Paul did was not about Paul, not the organization he serves (Word of Life) or the speakers. It was about meeting the needs of the people he was serving. From the start of the planning until the drive home Paul was consumed with meeting the needs and serving the attendees who came to the event.
What an example to so many, including me! Paul’s example reminded me of the following:
  • Make much of Jesus, not yourself! – point people to Jesus, He is the only one who can meet needs.
  • Much much about others, not yourself – serve others!
  • Meet the needs of people – take your eyes of yourself and see the needs of others!
  • Listen to others – so you can hear their needs.
  • Build Others Up – celebrate the work of God in others.
  • Tenaciousness – don’t give up and work hard.
  • Serve – simply seek to serve others, and serve continually.
How are you serving to make less of you and more of Jesus and others?

4 thoughts on “One Servant’s Example”

  1. Nicely done Roger.
    Paul has always been a great servant with the heart for ministry to match. These pastor events may well be the most significant endeavor of this century.

  2. Great Post Roger……..
    I must agree, Paul is one of my heroes as well. As a young man, I learned much from him when he was with LCM.
    Wish I could have been at the conference.

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